Advanced Cosmetic Science for Skin

Target Group:

Research and extension workers, quality control personnel in cosmetic industry, and business, government, academic professionals or other related people who interested in advances in cosmetic science from any country.

Education level:

Applicants with a degree in Science or related areas are considered; those majoring in non-Science degree but having an experience in cosmetics are also encouraged to apply.


School of Cosmetic Science


2 Weeks

Application deadline:

30 April 2020

Class start:

8 June 2020

Class end:

19 June 2020

Tuition cost:

50,000 THB per person (excluding meal and traveling)

Class size:

15-20 students


School of Cosmetic Science,

Mae Fah Luang University

333 Moo 1, Thasud

Chiang Rai, Thailand, 57100

Tel: (66 53) 916829, Fax: (66 53) 916831




Founded in 2005 on the initiative and financing of the Royal Thai Government, the School of Cosmetic Science is the first academic institute with the established aim to fulfill the needs of the large population of cosmetic professionals in Thailand and Asia. The school enables practitioners to learn the fundamental sciences and become acquainted with the latest advances in cosmetic science. Students are encouraged to develop advanced skills that can lead to senior assignments in cosmetic business, and studies are geared to the needs of cosmetic chemists, aspiring to supervisory roles in laboratory or plant.

In keeping with the rapid changes and advances in the field of cosmetic science, the short program in cosmetic science provides an appropriate blend of courses work in the areas of chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology and pharmacy. These disciplines are coupled with their applications in development and formulation of cosmetic products, and will serve to help the student to function more effectively in cosmetic industry.

Advanced Cosmetic Science for Skin course offers a two-week program including structure and functions of skin; classification of skin conditions and skin problems; research and development for skin care products; importance and applications; formulation and evaluation; cosmetic laws; social issues related to cosmetic products; in vitro testing; animal and human testing; claims substantiation; sensory evaluation; marketing and business plan for skin cosmetic products; regulation on skin cosmetic products.

  • Core modules:
    • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
    • Principles and practice of percutaneous absorption & adverse effect of cosmetic product
    • Ingredients used in skin care products
    • Dosage Forms of skin care products
    • Formulation of skin care products : anti-aging products, sunscreen products, anti-acne, moisturizing products, whitening products and personal care cosmetic
    • Cosmetics quality control of skin care products
    • Clinical trial in skin care products
    • Marketing and business plan for skin cosmetic products
    • Rule and regulation
    • Trends and technologies in skin care

Teaching and learning will be by formal lectures, laboratory practical, group discussions and pilot plant factory visits.