Bachelor of Science Programme in Occupational Health and Safety

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.Sc. Occupational Health and Safety 4 Years

This programme aims at creating graduates well-rounded in occupational health and safety, with the ability to systematically develop solutions to or address occupational health problems. The graduates are supposed to be able to think creatively, communicate competently and use appropriate technologies to cope with the situations and problems in keeping with organisational contexts. The identity of the graduates of this programme incorporates ‘systematic thinking, public-mindedness, and internationally accepted professional expertise in occupational health and safety management’.

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Integrity, moral standards and positive attitudes towards careers related to occupational health and safety;
  2. Ability to cope with problems occurring in their professions;
  3. Enthusiasm to keep abreast with academic and technological advances in related fields and appropriately apply them to their work;
  4. Communicative competence and high information-technology literacy;
  5. Sense of personal and social responsibility.
  6. Ability to apply their academic and professional knowledge to 
  7. the prevention of occupation-related diseases and injuries;
  8. Skills in promoting occupational health and safety and in efficiently managing workplace environments;
  9. Ability to identify, assess and control occupational environmental factors, for the purpose of identifying potential threats to staff in workplaces and developing appropriate preventive measures; and
  10. Basic knowledge of industrial hygiene, toxicology, ergonomics and occupational medicine, as well as the ability to apply them to optimising the well-being of staff in workplaces.
                                                      • 39,000 Baht per semester
                                                      • 312,000 Baht per programme