Bachelor of Business Administration Programme in Aviation Business Management

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.A. Aviation Business Management
(Aviation Service)
4 Years
B.A. Aviation Business Management
(Aviation Operations)
4 Years
B.A. Aviation Business Management
(International Aviation Logistics Business)
4 Years

This programme aims to produce graduates with knowledge, capability, and skills in aviation business management, such as in flight services, passenger ground services, food and beverage services, air cargo services, aviation safety and security etc. as well as other related industries. Besides, graduates will also have basic business management skills that will enable them to work directly in the aviation industry. Graduates will have the complete ability and confidence to serve the present and future needs of the aviation industry both domestically and internationally. 

The programme consists of 3 majors which are;

  • Aviation Services;
  • International Aviation Logistics Business; and
  • Aviation Operations.

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Have the knowledge, skills and expertise in management of 
  2. the entire aviation business including ground support services, food and beverage services, freight services, safety in air commerce as well as businesses related to the aviation business;
  3. Have the knowledge and ability to manage activities related to 
  4. the entire system of aviation business and have the ability to become an operator in related aviation businesses;
  5. Have an awareness of aviation business management in terms of the profession, personality, and attitude to be able to work directly in line with the needs of the labour market and of competition, both domestic and foreign;
  6. Use information technology and the ability to learn about new innovations in order to apply these for use in the aviation business; and
  7. Live ones life and work in the aviation business with morals, ethics, values, creativity and social responsibility.
            • 52,000 Baht per semester
            • 416,000 Baht per programme
            • 1,056,000 Baht per programme (Students pursing pilot careers in flying operations will be required to study 4 flight training courses with an additional fee of 160,000 Baht per subject)