About MFU


Mae Fah Luang University (MFU) was established as an autonomous public university, under the Royal Charter, in 1998, with generous support from the Royal Thai Government. The University was established to meet the needs of people in the north of Thailand, and to commemorate the gracious contributions of the King's Mother, Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra, lovingly known to her subjects as "Mae Fah Luang." From its inaugural class of 64 students in 1998, MFU has become Thailand's fastest growing post-secondary institution with an enrollment of just under 15,000 students. After little over a decade of operation, MFU is already well known for its high-quality teaching, research, and service to the people of the north, as well as Thailand.

Mae Fah Luang Unviersity's campus consists of a large complex of modern, state-of-the-art buildings, spanning more than 800 hectares. The campus is located in a spectacular setting of mountains and trees, an environment conducive to teaching and learning in a clean, inviting setting. As both a regional and national university, MFU provides high-quality education services and resources for the neighboring countries of the Greater Mekhong Sub-region (GMS), and reaches out to all of Southeast Asia.


MFU follows the aspiration of Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra to "restore forests and develop people", and striving to "developing people; cultivating knowledge; instilling quality; upholding virtues; and conserving the environment".


MFU will be a university of quality with international academic standards, pursuing excellence in sciences and arts, cultivating human resources for Thailand and the Greater Mekong sub-region. The University will develop and utilize knowledge for the betterment of the community and society, while conserving natural resources and the environment.


  • Producing graduates
  • Research
  • Academic services for the community and society
  • Restoring national arts and culture and conserving the environment