Bachelor of Science Programme in Agri-Food Logistics

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.Sc. Agri-Food Logistics 4 Years


The Bachelor of Science program in Agri-Food Logistics aims to produce graduates following the learning philosophy of “Learning by doing” who are competent in agricultural and food production technologies and logistics management. Graduates of this program are able to solve problems and add value to the agri-food supply chain in a sustainable way. They are also able to apply their knowledge and skills in a way that is appropriate and in line with international regulations and standards.

To produce graduates with the following competencies:

1)    Knowledge of science, post-harvest technology, and logistics management related to the agri-food supply chain.
2)    Ability to solve problems in the agri-food supply chain, taking into account the sustainable social, economic, and environmental impacts.
3)    Ability to comply with regulations, requirements, and international standards related to agricultural products, food, and logistics.
4)    A positive attitude, ready to adapt and work throughout the agricul-food supply chain.

1)    Flexible to adjust the study plan to a 3.5-year duration
2)    Establishing a business while studying
3)    Networking opportunity & international internships
4)    Employability skills

The graduates from B.Sc. in Agri-Food Logistics can work in both government agencies, state enterprises, and private organizations related to the agri-food supply chain, including:
1)    Production planning officer
2)    Quality assurance and control officer
3)    Import and export officer
4)    Warehouse management officer
5)    Research and development officer
6)    Supply chain management officer
7)    Independent entrepreneur or business owner in the agriculture and food industry
8)    Government official or civil servant
9)    Academic or researcher in the agricultural and logistics industry

PLO 1: Apply concepts and theories in science and logistics management in the agri-food supply chain
PLO 2: Select technologies or processes to solve problems and improve efficiency in the agri-food supply chain
PLO 3: Use digital technologies to manage data, present, and communicate effectively
PLO 4: Comply with regulations, requirements, and international standards related to the agri-food supply chain
PLO 5: Demonstrate an integrated approach to science and logistics management to work in the agri-food supply chain sustainably
PLO 6: Demonstrate self-learning skills and be able to work in a multicultural society

  • 32,500 Baht per semester
  • 260,000 Baht per programme

Total credits:  124 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)
1. General Education Course          24     credits
2. Specific Requirement Course                   94      credits 
1)  Major Required Course     28    credits
2)  Core Course               48     credits
3)  Elective Course            18     credits
3. Free Elective Course                6     credits 

Bachelor of Science Program in Agri-Food Logistics