Doctor of Dental Surgery Programme

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme

Doctor of Dental Surgery (for Thai citizen only)

6 years

Dentistry or dental medicine is a branch of medicine that consists of oral examination, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases and maxillofacial problems, including prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation. Therefore, dentistry plays an important role in overall Thai population health.

Nowadays, world society are moving toward consumerism as well as aging population growth, thus resulting in more complexity in oral health problem. Moreover, the astonishing development in medical and dental technologies may also influences the study of dental medicine to be ameliorated accordingly. In concurrence with social transformation, the curriculum is based on pragmatism which the dental graduates must obtain knowledge and clinical skill from laboratory, clinical practice and community experience in order to generate adaptable knowledge. Curriculum structure is built on the outcome-based education and evidence-based learning with student-centred model.

Henceforth, Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree curriculum aims to fabricate dental graduates who have gathered knowledge and acquired skill in both medicine and dentistry along with ability to integrate multidisciplinary experience in order to best patient-based holistic treatment. The dental graduates must also have potential to adjust themselves in consonance with the change in society as well as development in dental virtue, morality and devotion to the others. Dental graduates will become a leader in community oral health promotion as well.

  1. The graduates perceive moral, ethics in their profession and also public consciousness and devotion to the community and society (PLO1)
  2. The graduates learn all 5 aspects of the fundamentals profession which are

  • Sciences
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Dental Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research and innovation

    and be able to apply and work morally through the acquired knowledge. (PLO2)

       3. The graduates are able to perform proper diagnosis, treatment plan based on comprehensive patient-oriented dental care, promote basic oral health prevention as well as creatively invent or conduct basic science-related research collaborated with the multidisciplinary team. (PLO 3 5 6 7)

       4. The graduates present leadership, responsibility and resilience in team-working, acquire bilingual communication skills and use modern information technology and numerical analysis skill wisely. (PLO4)

This undergraduate D.D.S. program incorporate outcome-based education to its curriculum to ensure all future graduates adhere to Thai Dental council’s professional competence and professional ethics. Furthermore, the program also emphasizes student on learning 21st centuries soft skill and encourages practitioner to apply technological advancement to well care and communicate with their patients.

  1. Dentist in private practices, public hospital or other healthcare institute
  2. University instructor / University lecturer
  3. Researcher in dentistry or related field
  4. Dentist in dental products sales representative office
  5. Other related careers

PLO1: Behaves in the principle of ethics, professionalism, honesty, good discipline, responsibility and public-minded.

PLO2: Integrates the principles, ideas, and theories of medical and dental sciences, entrepreneurships and researches including knowledge of Thailand and world’s public health systems, into dental practice

PLO3: Synthesizes data or dental knowledge which leads to proper diagnosis and comprehensive patient-oriented dental care and treatment along with life-long learning

PLO4: Present leadership, responsibility in team-working with multicultural environment. Obtain ability to adapt in social changes, academic-communicate in bilingual and use the modern technology and being skillful in numerical data analysis.

PLO5: Plan and manage dental treatments using holistic and patient participation principle and is able to prevent and manage emergency situations and dental complications of the patients properly (specific skills)

PLO6: Promote good health and prevent oral diseases at personal, family, and community level with holistic health care principle and empower oral health care in the community (specific skills)

PLO7: Able to conduct medical-related science researches, innovations and inter-professional works.

  • TBA

  • Programme Structure
    • Doctor of Dental Surgery
    • Total credits: 230 credits (6-year Bachelor’s Degree)

      1. General Education Course 30 credits

      2. Specific Requirement Course 194 credits

              1) Core Course 26 credits

              2) Major Requirement Course 167 credits

              3) Major Elective Course 1 credits

      3. Free Elective Course 6 credits


(Refer to Doctor of Dental Surgery Program Year 2021)