Bachelor of Public Health Programme

DegreeAcademic ProgrammeLength of Programme
B.P.H.Public Health4 Years


This public health programme integrates scientific with social science knowledge in a learner-centred and community-centred fashion, in order to create graduates with a strong sense and awareness of national and global responsibility, and adherence to moral principles and the public health ethics as stipulated in the Public Health Profession Act. The graduates are expected to use their knowledge and skills to promote healthcare, conduct public health surveillance, exercise disease control, perform preliminary examination and treatment, provide medical assistance, support a rehabilitation process, maintain occupational health and safety, and improve environmental sanitation. In addition, the graduates are supposed to possess internationally accepted professional skills in analysing and synthesising health-related information for health management purposes.

Expected qualities of graduates:

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Ability to conduct a participatory process of addressing health problems, from community-based health situation assessment, problem analysis, identification of influential factors, to synthesis of potential solutions;
  2. Skills in planning an operational, monitoring and evaluating system for community health projects;
  3. Skills in strengthening a community’s health;
  4. Ability to gather data for public health surveillance and to report community health situations and their determining factors;
  5. Ability to counsel, give advice and conduct training for a health-problem-solving process for a community, as well as to perform public health surveillance with teams of multidisciplinary personnel;
  6. Ability to adopt proper researching methods for, and apply research outcomes to, the improvement of community health missions; and
  7. Adherence to professional ethics and ethical and moral principles, and exemplary conduct as healthcare personnel.


                                                • 32,500 Baht per semester
                                                • 260,000 Baht per programme