Bachelor of Science Programme in Environmental Health

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.Sc. Environmental Health 4 Years

Environmental Health is one of an important profession for managing quality of people's life. For the environmental health expert, they should learn from both theory and practice. The program focuses on progressivism which embrace the learner-centered. Instructors must facilitate the classroom by giving freedom to student in order to learn, explore, and test with the concerns of student's interests, needs, and aptitudes so that students will be able to apply the knowledge in their life. Moreover, they will have abilities to develop experiences and keep up with the changing world by using the learning by doing method of teaching such as project-based learning or research-based learning which will later lead the graduates to have capability to choose a suitable solution for certain environmental health problems.

To produce graduates who 
1) possess the knowledge of sciences and technology, environment, health, BCG Economy as well as related information technology 
2) able to solve the environmental health problems 
3) work according to the environmental rules, standards, and regulations 
4) acquire the concepts of environmental health and BCG Economy

1. Environmental Officer
2. Environmental Consultant
3. Researcher
4. International Organization Environmental Officer
5. Environment Comunication Officer
6. Safety Officer
7. Environmental Management Officer
8. Sanitation Technical Officer
9. Entrepreneur 

PLO1: Apply theory and concept of sciences and technology, environment, health, BCG Economy as well as related information technology
PLO2: Select the solution solving the environmental health problem
PLO3: Follow the environmental rules, standards, and regulations
PLO4: Initiate the concept for solving the environmental health problem with the BCG Economy concept

  • 39,000 Baht per semester
  • 312,000 Baht per programme

Total credits:  141 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)
1. General Education Course                  24     credits
2. Specific Requirement Course                           111      credits 
     1) Basic Profession Course         19    credits
     2) Intermediate Profession Course      23 credits
    3) Specialized Course for Environmental Health 55    credits
    4) Integrated Profession Course      8    credits
    5) Major Elective Course      6    credits
3. Free Elective Course                6     credits 

Link: Bachelor of Science Program in Environmental Health