Bachelor of Engineering Programme in Software Engineering

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.Eng. Software Engineering 4 Years

We teach students with international quality and academic knowledge in software engineering. They will gain expertise in the analysis, design, development, testing, and quality control of the software. The curriculum will instill students' ethical consciousness, professional ethics, and social responsibility.

The curriculum aims to teach students who know to create software systems and can use commercial use or social development. They are ethical and uphold the code of conduct, can work together in a multicultural society. Nonetheless, students will have 21st-century skills to keep pace with the changing technology. They can develop and build on their knowledge that integrates other related sciences.

1. Learning the process of developing software and work systems from the small business level to the Enterprise level.

2. Covering Mobile Application Development, Web Application, Service Oriented Architecture, and Software Technology Stack.

3. Activities to promote relationships between teachers, seniors, and juniors in the SE Hackathon event. Company and technology organization at Bar Camp Chiang Rai event

4. Pre Internship that allows potential students to train with leading companies

5. Special Topic that is open to support the rapidly changing world of technology.

1. Software Engineer

2. Programmer/Developer

3. System Analyst /Designer

4. Requirements Engineer

5. Software Quality Assurance

6. Software Process Improvement Engineer

7. Software Tester

8. Software Architect

9. System Integrator

10. Software Project Manager

PLO 1:  Honesty, self-responsibility, consideration for common interests, and professional ethics

PLO 2: Basic knowledge of software development processes, software manufacturing methods, structural design, software architecture, quality control, and software development project management.

PLO 3: Choose the solution to the problem using software engineering knowledge systematically and appropriately.

PLO 4: Work with others in a multicultural society

PLO 5: Have numerical analysis skills Use of communication tools and information technology

PLO 6: Build software or systems that keep pace with changing technology and can use for commercial purposes or social development

  • 39,000 Baht per semester
  • 312,000 Baht per programme

  • Programme Structure

                            2.3 Co-operative Education 9 credits

                            2.4 Major Elective Course 9 credits

 3. Free Elective Course 6 credits

(Refer to Bachelor of Science Program in Software Engineering Year 2022)