Bachelor of Physical Therapy Programme

DegreeAcademic ProgrammeLength of Programme
B.PT.Physical Therapy
(Applicants are required to be able to use Thai in listening, speaking, reading, and writing at a competent level)
4 Years


This programme aims at creating physiotherapists with the ability to examine, diagnose and treat physical disorders caused by diseases or abnormal body movements; to prevent, correct and rehabilitate physical deterioration; and to adopt proactive and holistic community-based approaches to promoting physical and mental health.

Expected qualities of graduates:

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Knowledge, understanding and skills as required by the professional council and the Office of Higher Education Commission, and 
  2. the ability to apply them to promoting healthcare in a manner that is efficient, effective and up-to-date, and in keeping with present situations;
  3. Ability to communicate with people and disseminate to them 
  4. the basic knowledge of physiotherapy;
  5. Adherence to professional ethics and moral principles;
  6. Faith and pride in their profession;
  7. Leadership and interpersonal skills, team-working spirit and a public mind; and
  8. Eagerness to increase knowledge through reading scientific journals, with researching and life-long learning skills.


                                                  • 42,900 Baht per semester
                                                  • 343,200 Baht per programme