Bachelor of Laws Programme in Business Law and Chinese Communication

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
LL.B Business Law and Chinese Communication 4 Years


Law is a tool to drive economy. While Chinese aims to trade with Thai people more, business law will play an important role in facilitating trading and settling any disputes between them on a fair basis. However, to trade effectively between them, understanding business law is insufficient, being able to communicate with Chinese people and understand Chinese trade culture are also required. Therefore, the lawyers with specialization in business law who can speak Chinese and understand Chinese trade culture will play an important role in driving Thai-Chinese trade in the future. 

Bachelor of Laws Program in Business Law and Chinese Communication applies learner-centered teaching concept by focusing on the development of learners to change their thinking process (Cognitive domain) in evaluating advantages or disadvantages and applying the law appropriately with legal perspective. The program also aims to develop learner’s mentality (Affective domain) to be honest and within the ethical framework of legal profession ethnic and develop working skills (Psychomotor domain) in workplace or real-life situation, as well as to enhance student’s communication skills of Chinese, English, and Thai languages for legal works. 

To produce graduates with morality and ethics of lawyers; being able to understand theories, provisions and enforcement of business law and others; having skills in analysis, synthesis, criticism of those laws; having skill in communication in Thai, Chinese, and English that are necessary for legal works; having skill in using technology for legal works; being able to work with others in a multicultural society.

The program provides teaching focusing on specific areas of expertise, namely business law and communication skills of Chinese and English languages in order to meet the demands of the labour market in business law.

1. legal consultant
2. Legal officers in business organizations 
3. lawyer in the field of international business law
4. legal officers of international business organizations
5. legal officers in public sectors 

PLO 1 Conducting with legal ethics 
PLO2 Being able to explain concepts, theories, provisions and enforcement of Thai-Chinese business law and other laws related to Chinese trade culture.
PLO3 Having skills in analysis law and law enforcement in accordance with legal academics under the changing of society and economy 
PLO4 Being able to work with others in a multicultural society
PLO5 Having skills in analysis of information, choosing the proper technology for legal works, and communication in Chinese, English, and Thai for legal works   
PLO6 Being able to practice legal works in workplaces or real situations. 

  • 45,500 Baht per semester
  • 364,000 Baht per programme

  • Programme Structure
      • 1. General Education Course 30 credits

        2. Specific Requirement Course 114 credits

                 2.1 Foundation Course 24 credit
                 2.2 Major Required Course 78 credits         
                 2.3 Major Elective Course 12 credits

        3. Free Elective Course 6 credits

      Total credits : 150 credits  (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

(Refer to Bachelor of Laws Program Business Law and Chinese Communication Year 2022)