Bachelor of Arts Programme in English

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.A. English
(Applicants are required a statement of purpose)
4 Years

To create graduates who possess: (1) English-language proficiency and skills, both in using the language and in applying their knowledge of English linguistics and literature; (2) an understanding of multicultural societies and the ability to apply English for academic, business, and social development purposes; (3) information technology literacy and skills, and the ability to put theories into practice; (4) skills in solving problems efficiently; (5) and abidance by professional ethics, to build a strong citizenry driving the country towards sustainable and international development.

The graduates are able to:

1. Serve with integrity, ethics, and service-mindedness, to foster a sense of civil commitment, alleviate societal conflicts, and promote efficient collaboration;

2. Use their knowledge, abilities, and skills to serve in international and national organisations; and

3. Produce language-related innovations, for both individual and societal added-value.

The programme emphasises fostering these qualities in its graduates:

1.  Well-roundedness in English-language skills, and the ability to communicate in a third language;

2.  Initiation and creativity through integration of their knowledge of English with modern technologies; and

3.  Skills in working in culturally diverse organisations.

1. English-language education professionals

2. Service and tourism professionals

3. Foreign relations personnel

4. Mass media personnel

5. Translators and/or interpreters

6. Entrepreneurs

7. Secretaries

PLO 1: Perseverance, industry, discipline, service-mindedness, and compliance with academic ethics

PLO 2: Ability to explain principles and theories related to the English language, covering skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, linguistics, literature, and translation between English and Thai

PLO 3: Critical thinking skill; the ability to synthesise bodies of knowledge; and the ability to integrate the knowledge of English with other sciences and 21st-century learning skills, in order to create language-related innovations for local development

PLO 4: Leadership and followership, and self-development responsibility, to support working in culturally diverse contexts

PLO 5: Ability to use information technology, and skills in efficiently communicating in English and a third language

  • 260,000 Baht per programme
  • 32,500 Baht per semester

  • Programme Structure
    • Bachelor of Arts Programme in English
    • Total credits: 138 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

      1. General Education Course 30 credits

      2. Specific Requirement Course 102 credits

                2.1 Core Course 24 credits

                2.2 Major Required Course 63 credits

                2.3 Major Elective Course 15 credits

      3. Free Elective Course 6 credits

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