Bachelor of Arts Programme in Business Chinese

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.A. Business Chinese
4 Years

Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese aims to produce graduates who are proficient in Chinese in terms of language skills. Knowledge and understanding of Chinese society and culture, application of Chinese language in business careers Including skills in managing information technology. Able to apply theory to practice, have effective problem-solving skills Have professional virtues to be a force to drive the country towards sustainable and international development.

1. To produce graduates who can apply Chinese in their careers in business.
2. To produce graduates with virtue and ethics in occupation or business.
3. To produce graduates who can manage information technology and apply them to a career or business.

1. The program has Major Elective Courses including manufacturing, trading, import-export; service industry, and entrepreneurship.
2. The program has activities to support curriculum identity for students every year.

1. Company employees in industrial, trading, and service business
2. Entrepreneur

PLO1: Graduates will have morality, ethics, honesty, discipline, and a good conscience in bringing knowledge of the Chinese language and business to both the benefit of oneself and society.
PLO2: Graduates will be able to communicate and use Chinese for business well including listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating, and also have business negotiation skill. In addition, they will have Chinese economy, society, and culture of China-related knowledge.
PLO3: Graduates will be able to apply Chinese language skills, and China-related knowledge as well as business in their work in the future.
PLO4: Graduates will be able to communicate and work well with others both as a leader and a follower, and understand the multicultural nuances of doing business.
PLO5: Graduates will be able to apply information technology properly for analyzing or comparing  business information between Chinese and Thai.

  • 49,400 Baht per semester
  • 395,200 Baht per programme

Total credits:  141 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)
1. General Education Course          30     credits
2. Specific Requirement Course     105     credits
3. Free Elective Course            6    credits 

(Refer to Bachelor of Arts Program in Business Chinese Year 2022)