Bachelor of Arts Programme in Chinese Language and Culture

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.A. Chinese Language and Culture
(Applicants will responsible for tuition fee and additional costs such as airfares, accommodation, living cost etc. for one year in Beijing Language and Culture University)
4 Years

PLO 1: Integrity; ethics; discipline; and good conscience in making beneficial application of the knowledge of Chinese;

PLO 2: Skill in Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing; knowledge of Chinese linguistics and contemporary Chinese culture; and ability to integrate linguistic knowledge and language skills for efficient communication

PLO 3: Ability to translate and interpret between Chinese and Thai;

PLO 4: Ability to analyse differences between Chinese and Thai cultural viewpoints;

PLO 5: lifelong learning skills and ability to handle unexpected problems;

PLO 6: Good interpersonal skill and adaptability to professional community and environment; and

PLO 7: Ability to apply information technology to efficiently searching for data and creating works, both in studying and in career pursuit.

  • 45,500 Baht per semester
  • 364,000 Baht per programme

  • Programme Structure
    • Bachelor of Arts Programme in Chinese Language and Culture
    • Total credits: 135 credits (4-year Bachelor’s Degree)

      1. General Education Course 30 credits

      2. Specific Requirement Course 99 credits

           1) Major Required Course 84 credits

           2) Major Elective Course 15 credits

      3. Free Elective Course 6 credits

(Refer to Bachelor of Arts Program in Chinese Language and Culture Year 2022)