Bachelor of Arts Programme in International Development

Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme
B.A. International Development
4 Years

B.A. (International Development) at Mae Fah Luang University realizes the incubation of the development human resource who have both insight and well-rounded ability to serve the sustainable development in the different levels.  MFU-ID  principle which consists of Mastering,  Fostering, Utility of sustainable development, Inclusiveness, and Diversity has shaped the direction of teaching and learning in order to create and develop the characteristic of sustainable development practitioners who are able to: (1) understand problem thoroughly; (2) provide the appropriate problem-solving measure; (3) utilize the appropriate instrument for development; and (4) find the opportunity for development.   To accomplish this goal, the program has selected Constructivism, Outcome-based education (OBE), active learning, and problem-based learning (PBL) to be set as the pedagogical framework.

B.A. (International Development) aimed at training and preparing human resource in the development field who:
1.    have an adequate theoretical knowledge and operational skills in international development for the national and international labor market; 
2.    are able to acquire and apply knowledge in international development to cope with the rapidly changing situation; 
3.    can apply the systematic research skills for the creative problem-solving; and
4.    have a life-skill together with the appropriate ethics according to their position and role. 

1.    Emphasizing broad knowledge and application for further practice.
2.    Offering operational skill set for training the credible sustainable development practitioner through the professional experience training in various kinds of development agency in Thailand and other countries.
3.    Providing international student exchange programs in counterpart universities aboard.  

1.    Governmental sector especially the foreign relations divisions, governmental development agencies, diplomatic positions, and general administrative positions
2.    Project/program coordinators for international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and corporate social responsibility units in the big company
3.    Development researcher in university, think tank, and other form of academic institutions.
4.    Social entrepreneurs 
5.    Development journalist, international and development news reporter, and content creator for media organizations

To characterize the learners as expected, the study program has designed the program learning outcomes (PLOs) as follows:
PLO 1 Explain the substance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its application;
PLO 2 Apply the theoretical knowledge in Social Science which are related to international development; 
PLO 3 Perform the research skills for the creative problem-solving;
PLO 4 Perform the academic and professional ethics in international development and empathy in the issue of inequality and disparity in development; 
PLO 5 Perform the development fieldwork appropriately; and 
PLO 6 Work with others appropriately according to role assigned in the team.

  • 45,500 Baht per semester
  • 364,000 Baht per programme

Total credits:  129 credits (4-year bachelor’s degree)
1. General Education Course          24     credits
2. Specific Requirement Course                   99      credits 
1)  Major Required Course     18    credits
2)  Core Course               79     credits
3)  Elective Course            24     credits
3. Free Elective Course                6     credits 

(Refer to Bachelor of Arts Program in International Development Year 2023)