Doctoral of Philosophy Programme in Biological Science

DegreeAcademic ProgrammePlanClassLength of Programme
Ph.D.Biological Science1.1Mon-Fri3 years
1.2Mon-Fri5 years


This programme aims to create graduates who possess in-depth knowledge of biological science and expertise in conducting high-quality research conforming to international standards, as well as the ability to perform integrative knowledge management for sustainable development.

Expected qualities of graduates:

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. In-depth knowledge in specific biological science areas and ability to produce internationally accepted works;
  2. Expertise in building on previous studies and/or in creating biological science innovations that respond to international demands; and
  3. Abidance by applicable rules, regulations, researchers’ ethics, and social etiquette, with conscientious determination to contribute to society.


                    • Plan 1.1:
                      • 41,600 Baht per semester
                      • 249,600 Baht per programme
                    • Plan 1.2:
                      • 37,440 Baht per semester
                      • 374,400 Baht per programme

                    • 1.1 = Dissertation only (not less than 48 credits) (Master's degree graduates)
                    • 1.2 = Dissertation only (not less than 72 credits) (Bachelor's degree with honours graduates)
                    • 2.1 = Course work (not less than 12 credits) with Dissertation (not less than 36 credits) (Master's degree graduates)
                    • 2.2 = Course work (not less than 24 credits) with Dissertation (not less than 48 credits) (Bachelor's degree with honours graduates)