Doctoral of Philosophy Programme in Biological Science

Degree Academic Programme Plan Class Length of Programme
Ph.D. Biological Science 1.1 Mon-Fri 3 years
1.2 Mon-Fri 5 years

      In-depth knowledge of biological sciences is an essential foundation for national development. Emphasis is placed on creating a body of knowledge from biological resources that leads to value creation and application to promote the economy. This aligns with Thailand's economic and social policies.
      The curriculum is based on cognitive constructivism. Learners construct knowledge actively by incorporating experiences, things they see in the environment or new knowledge and link it to existing knowledge. Students build their own understanding or cognitive structure (Cognitive structure) and lead to the creation of knowledge. Students solve biological science problems through the support of an instructor and through social interaction  (Social Constructivism) together to develop learners to have skills, abilities and potential in research, development and creation of new knowledge or innovation in biological science that promotes national development.
      The curriculum aims to produce personnel with knowledge and expertise in in-depth research in biological sciences. producing quality research that meets internationally accepted standards, as well as being able to link and manage knowledge integrated for sustainability.

1.    Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in research, will be able to produce internationally recognized research works and will become successful research leaders in academia or industry
2.    Graduates will apply the acquired knowledge, which will be used to conduct further research and / or create innovations in biological science according to international standards
3.    Graduates will generate new knowledge, solve real life problems, and improve quality of life
4.    Graduates will implement ethical practices of research / academics, respect the rules of society, and consciously strive to benefit society

This curriculum is designed for students to lead or be a team member in multicultural settings. Students will communicate their research via discussions and/or presentations both nationally and internationally. Students will implement ethical behavior and morality in academics and research. Graduates will be able to work nationally and internationally. Students take ownership of their project and in doing so their critical thinking is fostered and their research skills sharpened. 

1.    Lecturer or teacher
2.    Researchers, academic officer, research, and development (RD) officer both in governmental agencies, private sectors, international organizations
3.    Entrepreneur in biological science

PLO 1: Perform honest behavior and research ethics and implement biosafety rules
PLO 2: Integrate in-depth knowledge of biodiversity with other related sciences to create new knowledge or innovations in life science research
PLO 3: Design interdisciplinary research and implement problem solving to generate research results or innovations in life sciences
PLO 4: Cooperate with others in a multicultural environment, lead others, and take responsibility for individual and group tasks
PLO 5: Analyze biological data by selecting the appropriate statistical tools and methods, and combine their results in a professional presentation at an international level setting using state-of-the-art information technology
PLO 6: Compose international level academic publications or design innovation products in biological sciences

  • Plan 1.1:
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 273,000 Baht per programme
  • Plan 1.2:
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 455,000 Baht per programme

  • Plan 1.1
    Total credits:  
    48 credits (3-year Doctor’s Degree)
    1. Dissertation        48      credits
    2. Seminar            0    credits
    3. Required course    0    credits
  • Plan 1.2
    Total credits:  72 credits (5-year Doctor’s Degree)
    1. Dissertation        72      credits
    2. Seminar            0    credits
    3. Required courses    0    credits

    Plan 1.1
    Plan 1.2

    (Refer Doctor of Philosophy Program in Biological Science Year 2022)

  • 1.1 = Dissertation only (not less than 48 credits) (Master's degree graduates)
  • 1.2 = Dissertation only (not less than 72 credits) (Bachelor's degree with honours graduates)
  • 2.1 = Course work (not less than 12 credits) with Dissertation (not less than 36 credits) (Master's degree graduates)
  • 2.2 = Course work (not less than 24 credits) with Dissertation (not less than 48 credits) (Bachelor's degree with honours graduates)