Master of Science Programme in Postharvest Technology and Innovation

DegreeAcademic ProgrammePlanClassLength of Programme
M.Sc.Postharvest Technology and Innovation
(We offer "Double Degree Programme" with Chiba University, Shinshu University)
A1, A2, BMon-Fri2 Years


This programme’s primary aim is to develop human resources with the ability to integrate different bodies of knowledge of postharvest technology and innovation for the purpose of reducing damage to crops, improving their quality and safety, and increasing their value. The goal of the programme is to support sustainable agricultural development, increase food security and raise the country’s potential for national and international competition.

Expected qualities of graduates:

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Profound knowledge of postharvest technology and innovation;
  2. Ability to use their knowledge to increase their potential and expertise, in order to propel the country’s economy and sharpen the country’s competitive edge at both the national and international levels.


  • Plan A1:
    • 45,500 Baht per semester
    • 182,000 Baht per programme
  • Plan A2, B:
    • 58,500 Baht per semester
    • 234,000 Baht per programme 

  • A1 = Thesis (not less than 36 credits), no course work
  • A2 = Thesis (not less than 12 credits) with course work (not less than 12 credits)
  • B = Coursework (No Thesis) with Independent Study (IS) or Special Project (not less than 3 credits but not over 6 credits)