Master of Science Programme in Dermatology

Degree Academic Programme Plan Class Length of Programme
M.Sc. Dermatology
(Only applicants with M.D. Degree are accepted)
A1, A2 Mon-Fri (Bangkok) 2 Years

Dermatology is the medical study that learns about how to approach, diagnose and treat skin, nail and hair diseases. This specific program is designed to provide basic medical science, clinical practice skill, diagnosis and prevention of skin diseases. 
Medical knowledge and health literacy are continuously changing and challenging in various areas such as novel laboratory investigation, clinical diagnosis, current standard clinical guideline to treatment and, significantly, the upcoming novel medical technology. 
Health industry impacts country economy and is growing rapidly globally including Thailand. Health service delivery with high standard quality, modern cutting edge technology with high-performance health care personnels play the crucial roles for the growth of health care system. With the country’s high capacity and pertinent national strategic policy to drive  economic growth,  heath industry is truely driven and promoted. Increasing demand for knowledgeable and skillful health care professionals are in high demand, calling for the need for these dermatology specialized physicians to be prepared, as skin specialists-dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, and anti-aging specialized physicians to strengthen the industrial competitive capabilities and to catch up with the disruptive change in business and technology.
This Master of Science in Dermatology program applies the “cognitive constructivism theory” as the fundamental tool for program development and design. The program is designed to maximize students and learners learning and searching capabilities, cognitive and psychomotor skills, and critical thinking skills. Active learning and blended education tools are used in the teaching and learning process in classroom and in clinical setting facilities to support and improve the students and learners to interact, share and, finally, earn and achieve program learning outcomes, lifelong learner skills, critical thinking skill and interpersonal communication skills during the program.

This Master of Science in Dermatology program is designed to enable learners to be able to
1) Explain fundamental knowledge and practical clinical skills about basic and general dermatology and integration and application of their class knowledge delivering care and treatment to the patients. 
2) Integrate the knowledge learnt from class with clinical skills related to general dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and anti-aging medicine with high quality, health care service and to properly and precisely deliver treatment for patients.
3) Demonstrate research skills to formulate research protocol, to conduct research in dermatology with high quality research methodology and new knowledge synthesis to produce innovation in the field of dermatology.
4) Illustrate high morality with pertinent ethical behavior in medical and research practices, having cooperative and interpersonal skills in multicultural society.
5) Demonstrate critical thinking skills, educational and clinical communication skills in clinical dermatology, aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine

This Master of Science in Dermatology program delivers the intensive, master’s degree program in dermatology in various area which include basic science and clinical dermatology, clinical practical skill in dermatology and dermato-surgery, aesthetic medicine, and anti-aging medicine. The program was conducted by using active and blended learning tools to ensure the learners interactive engagement, to enable them to integrate knowledge from class with clinical practice training and to synthesize new findings, new knowledge or develop innovation in dermatology from the research projects.

1)    Dermatologist, Dermatological specialist or clinician  
2)    Instructor or lecturer in dermatology and medical fields in Universities, Governmental and non-governmental health care institutes
3)    Clinical researcher in dermatology and medical fields in Universities, Governmental and non-governmental health institutes, and private sectors
4)    Health business entrepreneurs and private clinic owner in dermatology, aesthetic, and anti-aging services

PLO1    To demonstrate high morality with pertinent ethical behavior in medical and research practices
PLO2    To be able to explain and discuss the fundamental and clinical knowledge in dermatology
PLO3    To develop new knowledge and/or innovation employing good research methodology and process
PLO4    To demonstrate personal responsibility, cooperative capability, and interpersonal skills in multi-cultural society
PLO5    To execute statistical analytic skill, educational sharing skills and clinical communication skills 
PLO6    To demonstrate clinical practice skills in clinical dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and anti-aging medicine 
PLO7    To exercise the application of entrepreneurship skill with the knowledge acquired

  • Plan A1, A2:
    • 117,000 Baht per semester
    • 468,000 Baht per programme 

  • Plan A1
    Total credits :  36  credits  (2-year Master’s Degree)
        1. Thesis   36   credits
        2. .Non-credited subjects

  • Plan A2
    Total credits :  36  credits  (2-year Master’s Degree)
        1. Major Required Subjects   21   credits
        2. Elective Subjects   3   credits
        3. Thesis   12   credits

(Refer to Master of Science Program in Dermatology Year 2022)

Plan A1
Plan A2

  • A1 = Thesis (not less than 36 credits), no course work
  • A2 = Thesis (not less than 12 credits) with course work (not less than 12 credits)
  • B = Coursework (No Thesis) with Independent Study (IS) or Special Project (not less than 3 credits but not over 6 credits)