Master of Science Programme in Biological Science

DegreeAcademic ProgrammePlanClassLength of Programme
M.Sc.Biological ScienceA1, A2Mon-Fri2 Years


This programme aims at perfecting its graduates’ academic and researching expertise in biological science, so that they can apply their knowledge to conducting further research or creating economically valuable innovations that earn both national and international recognition.

Expected qualities of graduates:

The graduates are expected to possess the following qualities:

  1. Biological science knowledge, ability, skills and expertise;
  2. Ability to apply their biological science knowledge and expertise to creating innovations for social, economic and environmental development; and
  3. Discipline, respect for social rules and agreements, and abidance by scholars’ and researchers’ ethics.


    • Plan A1, A2:
      • 45,500 Baht per semester
      • 182,000 Baht per programme

    • A1 = Thesis (not less than 36 credits), no course work
    • A2 = Thesis (not less than 12 credits) with course work (not less than 12 credits)
    • B = Coursework (No Thesis) with Independent Study (IS) or Special Project (not less than 3 credits but not over 6 credits)