23 Years of Excellence: Implementing Digital Transformation to Become a Leading University in ASEAN with International Recognition

     On 25 September 2021, Mae Fah Luang University celebrated its 23rd anniversary for myriad achievements in promoting teaching, research, academic service, arts and culture via the online platform. MFU’s celebration, broadcast live on Facebook page, consisted of a ceremony to pay homage to the royal statue of HRH Princess Srinagarindra, a religious ceremony, a robe offering ceremony and donation for education, a public report, a presentation of certificates and a scholarship presentation.

     As a result of its continued efforts for 23 years, Mae Fah Luang University ranked 1st with highest score in the research citation and international outlook categories in Thailand in Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the 3rd consecutive year. 

     The President of MFU, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chayaporn Wattanasiri said in a public report section that according to the COVID-19 situation, MFU has adapted to online teaching and learning. The University established the technical and innovative support unit called “MFU Learning Innovation Institute (MLII)” to promote modern education, develop learning innovation, build capacity of lecturers and promote supportive learning environment in order to help students acquire knowledge and essential 21st-century skills and be ready to workplace and the changing world.

     Additionally, the University has developed the MFU Academy Project, a learning platform for public learners, with an aim to transfer knowledge from the university to build lifelong learning skills, reskill and upskill through different non-degree courses. By implementing the Digital Transformation strategy, MFU has promoted the use of digital technologies to improve its operations, digital infrastructure and quality of teaching in order to reach the goal of becoming ‘the Digital University’. 

     To meet the need of students and catch up with the trends, MFU has offered three new programmes including 1) Master of Science Programme in Creative Innovation in Cosmetic Science, the School of Cosmetic Science; 2) Master of Science Programme in Health and Biomedical Analytics, the School of Health Science; and 3) Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Public Health, the School of Health Science.  

     In the last year, 289 research papers of MFU have been published in the international journals in the fields of Science and Technology, Health Science and Humanities and Social Science. In addition, MFU is one of 13 institutions that has received the budget allocated from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation under the Reinventing University System (the Global & Frontier Research cluster). The universities in this cluster mainly focus on conducting frontier research or research in a specific field and helping talented people to initiate research that will contribute to international collaboration. The universities also highlight producing graduates who will be researchers or publish papers in the international journals in order to answer the need of global labour market.

     For this fiscal year (2021), Mae Fah Luang University received a score of 94.96, equivalent to A level in the Integrity and Transparency Assessment (ITA) organised by the Office of the National Anti - Corruption Commission (ONACC). 

     Moreover, to support local community, the MFU Medical Centre Hospital has offered 200 cohort ward beds on the 8th and 9th floor for COVID-19 patients. Since 18 April 2021, the MFU Medical Centre Hospital has provided not only treatment for 1,515 COVID-19 patients but also the COVID-19 vaccination for 21,599 people.  

     Driven by 'New Different Better and Together' principle and the effort of everyone in MFU community, MFU will maintain its national academic leadership status and steadily become a leading university in ASEAN with international recognition. 

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