MFU Innovation Day 2021

     On 22 – 24 December 2021, Mae Fah Luang University Research and Innovation Institute consisting of the Research Administration Division and the Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Division organised ‘MFU Innovation Day 2021’ both onsite and virtually via live streaming and virtual event to showcase and disseminate MFU’s innovations and research for commercial purposes and products from entrepreneurs to public and private sectors.

     The opening ceremony of MFU Innovation Day 2021, held at Kham Mok Luang Room, were presided over by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr.Supachai Pathumnakul and the President of MFU, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Chayaporn Wattanasiri. After the opening ceremony, there was a keynote speech on “Transforming University for the Future” by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr.Supachai Pathumnakul.

     In addition, there were many interesting activities including the exhibition of MFU’s outstanding research and modern innovation, booths showing innovations and products from the entrepreneurs who got innovation support from the University, seminars, business consulting, workshops, and market place. 

     Moreover, the event featured the presentation ceremony of MFU INNO Prize. The winners in nine categories are as follows:
1. Most IP Filing of the Year 
- Invention category: Asst. Prof. Dr.Orawan Suwantong from the School of Science 
- Creativity category: Dr.Surapol Vorapatratorn from the School of Information Technology  
2.Most IP Licensed of the Year
- Commercial Use category: Asst. Prof. Dr.Phanuphong Chaiwut, Dean of the School of Cosmetic Science  
- Social Impact category: Asst. Prof. Dr.Wantida Homthawornchoo from the School of Agro-Industry 
3. Most Impact Research Publication of the Year 
- Science and Technology cluster: Emeritus Prof. Dr.Kevin David Hyde, Director of the Center of Excellence in Fungal Research 
- Health Science cluster: Asst. Prof. Dr.Tawatchai Apidechkul, Dean of the School of Health Science  
- Humanities and Social Science cluster: Asst. Prof. Dr.Nathapornpan Uttama from the School of Management
4. Industrial Collaborative Research of the Year: Asst. Prof. Dr.Rawiwan Charoensup, lecturer of the School of Integrative Medicine and the Head of Medical Plants Innovation Center
5. Best Innovative Office: The School of Science 
6. Best Entrepreneur of the Year: Mrs. Prisana Kamkod from the Hug na Chiang Rai Co., Ltd.
7. Best Social Entrepreneur of the Year: Na Ban Nok Agricultural Tourism Community Enterprise 
8. Best Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year: Mr. Auttapon Taluengjit, a graduate of the School of Science and owner of Growth up (plant tissue culture business)
9. Best Student Entrepreneur of the Year: Ms. Wannisa Vichit, a Ph.D. student of the School of Cosmetic Science and owner of The Research Care Co., Ltd.

     MFU has always focused on conducting research, accumulating knowledge, promoting innovative environment, supporting entrepreneurs as well as transfer those knowledge and innovation to improve people’s quality of life. Nowadays, MFU has owned 171 intellectual properties and 37 prototypes in the fields of cosmetic science, health science, herbal products, biotechnology, medical devices and designs.

     Altogether, this event attracted a mass of people including students, lecturers, government organisations, private sector, entrepreneurs and the general public. This definitely was one of the great stages for MFU researchers, students, alumni and entrepreneurs to share their experience and showcase their products as well as inspire creativity and innovation in MFU students. The virtual event of MFU Innovation Day is available at until February 2022.

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