Open House: Exploring the School of Management

      On 19 January 2018, The School of Management held an open house under the theme “Future Challenge in Aviation Business” to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Aviation programme’s establishment.

      The Avaition programme consists of three majors including Aviation Services; International Aviation Logistics Business; and Aviation Operations which aims to produce graduates with knowledge, capability, and skills in aviation business management, such as in flight services, passenger ground services, food and beverage services, air cargo services, aviation safety and security as well as other related industries. Besides, graduates will also have basic business management skills that will enable them to work directly in the aviation industry.

      In this open house, high school students and general public had the opportunity to get acquainted with MFU, learn about the courses and find out more about career opportunity of the Aviation Business Management programme, Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme and Hospitality Industry Management programme through interesting exhibition about logistics industry and experience in-flight service and flying operation in the aircraft cabin trainer mock-up. 

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