Call for Participants 2018 KONKUK University International Summer Programme, The Public of Korea

KONKUK University offers a summer programme for International students “2018 International Summer Programme” which will be separated in 2 programme as followed below:

Session 1: Academic Track (2-27 July 2018 - 4 weeks)
Session 2: Cultural Track (2-13 July 2018 – 2 weeks)

The programme provides a great opportunity for International students wishing to learn about Korea and experience its culture. During their summer vacation, students can gain an understanding of this vibrant country that is considered as a global economic and cultural powerhouse and a gateway to the world.

Programme Highlights

  • Choice between two sessions
  • Classes offering interesting insights into Korean history, culture and business
  • Chance to learn the Korean language from the KONKUK Language Institute
  • On-campus housing guaranteed 100%
  • Field trips and various cultural activities
  • Weekend programme and many extracurricular programs with KONKUK student buddies
  • Strong support, including airport pick-up, Student Buddy System, etc.

Language of Instruction: English

Course Information:


  • MFU student (Undergraduate/Graduate, in any fields)


Student will pay for the expenses as followed below: 

  • Programme Fee and application fee
  • Accommodation
  • Round trip airfare
  • International Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses

For more information

Please kindly visit:

Contact person:

Ms. Wirinpat Phongsuwan (Programme Coordinator)
International Affairs Division, Mae Fah Luang University
Tel: +66 (0) 5391 6024 

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