MFU Pride: Accounting Alumnus Wins the Best Employee of the Year Award

      A former student from the Accounting programme’s 2nd graduating class, Miss Pantita Rattahnajeena won the ‘Pearl—Act as Owner Award’ from the Procter & Gamble (P&G), Singapore. This achievement  marked  her contribution as the best employee in 2017.

      The award was presented in recognition of her performance in strengthening compliance by developing and implementing the spot audit rotation matrix in the I-Trade Operation. By using this process, she helps her team to identify opportunities for on the spot audit execution across markets, enabling her team to work together with the process owner to improve spot audit execution. With the mindset for continuous improvement, Miss Pantita is now tasked with gathering all the feedback from the spot audit executors to define action plans and further enhance compliance within the organization.

Let's get to know more about Accouting with an interview with Miss Pantita:

How did it feel when you won this award?

             I felt very honoured to receive this award. Even though it is not a big award, it proves that when we regularly do the best on something, it will result in a great change. Not only we are aware of what we have done, but people around us also recognize how much effort we have made. I really appreciate that my idea could become a reality and I could make a beneficial contribution to the company. After my hard work paid off and I got praise from the company and my coworkers, I felt refreshed.

In your opinion, what is your most significant achievement? Why did the company give you this award?

            I got this award because of my work on creating and developing a more effective spot audit execution for the organization. After our team launched the new system, there were complaints about its intensive and comprehensive execution. But we also got positive feedback as we could discover the problems that no one had recognized before. The problems we found later led to consistent system development which helped reduce business risks and improved accuracy.

How about you current position at Procter & Gamble (P&G) Singapore?

            I have been working for Procter & Gamble Singapore for six years. Currently, I am in charge of Compliance Controls Analysis. Before this, I worked as an A/R Analyst in another department at Procter & Gamble Singapore. If you ask me whether I am an auditor, I will have to answer 'No". My work is about reducing risks in each step in the process for our auditors.

What are benefits of studying Accounting?

            After graduation, I found that I could apply it to a wide array of positions with an Accounting degree. When I was studying, I only thought about being an auditor or accountant but actually what I learned in university could further my work opportunities in numerous fields. Honestly, I have personally never seen an unemployed accounting graduates unless they intended to do something other than accountings or auditing.

What would you like to say to your juniors?

             I would like to tell my juniors or all students who are thinking about university that everyone can understand accounting because it has something to do with life. Studying accounting not only improves your logic and critical thinking skills, but also helps you to be more cautious. Moreover, you can apply accounting to many different fields in any organization or in your own business.

             Personally, I learned many things when I was studying at MFU. Apart from education, MFU was like my second home. Living in the dormitory gave me a chance to have close friends. Also, the environment greatly supports student learning. That is to say, MFU uses English as the main medium of teaching. Moreover, the instruction always stays up to date with new trends which helps prepare students to survive in both domestic and international workplaces. Importantly, MFU accounting graduates can also earn high incomes.

             For those who still do not know what you want or what you want to be, I encourage you to open yourself to all the opportunities even if you do not know what you would like to do in the future. In this way, you will discover what you do not like and then you can remove it from your list if possibilities. It’s now or never. If you don't do it now, you'll lose the chance forever. 

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