YOUR DONATION MATTERS: Help us support scholarships for students

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“All students who are able to study shall study, no one would leave the university because of poverty.”

     With this principle, Mae Fah Luang University and MFU Alumni have raised money under the “1 Year 1 Thousand 1 Birthday for MFU Students Project” to support scholarships for students who require financial support to aid their studies. All current students, staff members, alumni and the general public are encouraged to donate to the MFU scholarship fund on their birthdays. 

     How to Donate
1. Download and fill out a donation form 
2. Transfer money to Mae Fah Luang University bank account 
     Account number 672-0-11709-9, Saving Account, Bangkok Bank, 
     Mae Fah Luang University Branch
or scan QR code


3. Submit the donation form with a payment slip to to issue a donation receipt. ** Donation receipt can be used for tax deduction. **

     For more information, please contact Tel +66 (0) 5391 6186-7 or Email:


Your donation to will make a difference in the life of MFU students.


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