MFU for All

      On 29 - 31 January 2018, Mae Fah Luang University’s Thai and international students, and Kyaing Tong University students jointly arranged the “MFU for All” project in the Kyaing Tong Township. This project was initiated by Mae Fah Luang University in collaboration with Singha Coperation to support the social needs in Kyaing Tong Township.

      MFU has annually held the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme for people in the local community and this year marked the first time of holding the CSR programme aboard. Since its establishment, MFU has committed itself to providing academic services for the community and society by engaging students and staff in several CSR activities in order to improve the quality of life of people not only in the nation, but also in nearby regions.

      In this project, 30 MFU students and 10 KTU students together created and held a series of games and English learning activities for Kyaing Tong high school students. All activities were arranged in order to entertain students and extend practice outside their lessons. Kyaing Tong students could learn skills including problem solving, decision making, conflict management as well as physical skills by playing the games.

      Also, lecturers from the School of Health Science held an education seminar on “Environmental and Health issues among Mekong Sub-region countries” to share and exchange knowledge with lecturers and students at Kyaing Tong University. Moreover, the seminar served as a venue for strengthening the academic network between the two universities. Additionally, the School of Health Science provided hygiene education for Kyaing Tong people at the Senior Centre of Kyaing Tong.  MFU has recognized that hygiene is one of the most significant issues because good personal hygiene is the first step towards sustaining good health. Hygienic living conditions are also important to control and prevent illnesses.

      In this project, all participants greatly appreciated the opportunity to improve people’s quality of life in local communities. By actively helping others, all students could enhance their personal and social skills with international friends which later enabled them to communicate effectively with people from other countries, understand multiple perspectives, and then be ready to work in any workplace around the globe. The enthusiastic engagement of participants in all activities also enhanced cultural exchange and mutual understanding which helped to connect and establish friendships among all of them.



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