MFU Students Win the Thailand MICE Youth Challenge 2022 to Represent Thailand at the AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge


     Mae Fah Luang University would like to congratulate students from the School of Management, the School of Liberal Arts and their supervisors for winning the first place in the Thailand MICE Youth Challenge 2022 organised by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) on 15 June 2022 at Swissotel Bangkok Ratchada. The team of MFU students will represent Thailand and continue to the global round at the AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge which will be held by the Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Associations (AFECA). 

     Completing against seven teams, the "WEARE" team won the first place with their “InDoi Original International Expo” project. This project aims at bringing the culture and way of life of the tribes from the north of Thailand through the indigenous fabrics of the tribes and textiles in fashion as the highlight of the event. 

     Team members expressed that “Our inspiration came from one of our members. She is from a hill tribe, Akha. She once showed us the fabric of her tribe and others. The fabric patterns are elegant with a unique weaving process. However, these fabrics are not popular in Thailand and other countries. Therefore, we discover new opportunities to find more inspiration regarding this matter at a global level. InDoi international fashion expo is not just an event that will be organized and completed. We aim to create job opportunities for hill tribes and lift their life and well-being, and more importantly, to make them proud of themselves.” 

     Furthermore, they added that this competition allowed them to go beyond limits. From students who almost gave up and shed tears for this competition, they turned out to be someone who fights to win. They would like to tell everyone that opportunities may not come to you, but you can find them for yourself.  

     The supervisors of winning team were Dr.Athitaya Pathan, Dr.Chachaya Yodsuwan, Ms. Donlaporn Suwanthep, and Mr. Teerapun Tadniyom. And, WEARE team members included
1. Ms. Varunlapin Kulanunpanit from Hospitality Business Management programme, School of Management; 
2. Ms. Khomkhai Wiangsaenphu from Hospitality Business Management programme, School of Management; 
3. Ms. Kanwalai Pairin from Hospitality Business Management programme, School of Management; and
4. Ms. Akarima Intan from English programme, School of Liberal Arts.

     This year, two teams of Mae Fah Luang University were the finalists for Thailand MICE Youth Challenge 2022. Also, MFU team “Star in The Forest” won the merit award with their UP Festival project. The team members included Mr. Piyapong Banlu, Mr. Thanawat Sudsaard, Ms. Wisatsiri Doungchan, and Mr. Aphichat Tan from Tourism Management programme, School of Management.

     The Thailand MICE Youth Challenge is an annual MICE competition aiming to provide a stage for university students majoring in MICE or Business Events, Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality related fields to show-off their abilities by conceptualising a business plan according to what they have learned about MICE. 

     On the whole, the achievement of students shows MFU’s full effort to enhance students’ MICE knowledge and broaden their experience in order to be professionals who help develop Thailand’s MICE industry in the future.

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