MFU Cooperates with TCFF in Cannabis R&D for the Treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease


     On 16 June 2022, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Chayaporn Wattanasiri, President of Mae Fah Luang University and Mr. Suntorn Kiatthanakorn, Project Manager of Thai - China Flavours and Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Mae Fah Laung University and Thai - China Flavours and Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd. (TCFF) at Doi Tung Meeting Room, Mae Fah Luang University. MFU and TCFF aim to work closely in research and development of cannabis for medical purpose especially for treatment of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease. 

     The government has set a policy of promoting marijuana (Cannabis sativa L. Subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small & Cronquist) and hemp (Cannabis sativa L. subsp.sativa) as cash crops and the Food and Drug Administration has amended regulation and created the new cannabis laws with medical, economic and health-related objectives.  Nowadays, there has been no research on Thai homegrown marijuana covering cultivation, breeding, chemical analysis, biological activities and clinical research as the scientific supporting the use of marijuana for medical purpose.  The research result will contribute to a medical use of marijuana as an alternative treatment for patients. It will also help reduce the government’s expense on medicine as well as add value to Thai medicine and expand them to the global market in the future.

     With intention to concretely implement the project and promote research and development of cannabis for medical purpose, Thai - China Flavours and Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd and Mae Fah Laung University therefore signed the MoU to set the framework of cooperation. For MFU, Medicinal Plant Innovation Center of Mae Fah Luang University led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rawiwan Charoensup will be the main coordinator under this framework.

     The Medicinal Plant Innovation Center has the main mission to develop research and innovation in the field of herbal innovation, Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine covering laboratory analysis, animal testing and clinical research complying with international standards. The Center also conducts research for the evaluation of quality, efficacy and safety of medicinal plants, herbal recipes and herbal products. Furthermore, the Center promotes an awareness and improve confidence in safe use of herbal medicines among the general public as well as promote the use of research result for commercial and public policy purposes.

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