Operational Guidelines for International Students, First Semester, Academic Year 2022

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According to the Notification of Mae Fah Luang University on Operational Guidelines for Teaching and Examination, Academic Year 2022 issued on 27 June 2022, Mae Fah Luang University will hold onsite classes in the Academic Year 2022. 
Therefore, the University suggests that you must come to study at MFU before the semester starts (15 August 2022). If you cannot attend classes at MFU, there are two options for you which are:

  • Option 1: Dropping out for the first semester (for students with health issues/political issue/etc.)

You have to request for leave of absence.
1.1 Download a form at https://reg.mfu.ac.th/regpage/Form/REG/reg%20208.pdf  (for undergraduate students) or https://reg.mfu.ac.th/regpage/Form/REG/reg%20218.pdf (for postgraduate students)
1.2 Complete a form and send to your advisor and Dean for approval
**There will be a fee of 500 baht.

  • Option 2: Coming to study at MFU late 

Please fill in the form https://form.jotform.com/222132588225453
2.1 if you can come to study at MFU within 26 August 2022 (two weeks after the semester starts) 
2.2 if you can come to study at MFU within 3 October 2022 (This option is only for student who is processing a student visa application.) 
**A proof of visa application/appointment is required.
The deadline for completing a form is 9 August 2022.


1. A student must fulfill at least 80% of class attendance for a course in order to be eligible to sit the final examination according to MFU’s Rules for Bachelor’s Degree Education, 1999. 
2. Students who will come to MFU late are required to contact lecturers or School regarding the teaching material/assignment directly. 
For more information, please contact global@mfu.ac.th




1.1在https://reg.mfu.ac.th/regpage/Form/REG/reg%20208.pdf / https://reg.mfu.ac.th/regpage/Form/REG/reg%20218.pdf 下载表格




1. 根据1999年皇太后大学学士学位教育规定,学生必须完成至少80%的课程出勤率,才有资格参加课程期末考试。
2. 延迟返校的学生请直接与各科讲师或学院联系教材/作业相关问题。


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