Management Lecturer Grants Good Dissertation Award from NRCT

      Mae Fah Luang University would like to congratulate lecturer at the School of Management Dr. Dej-anan Bungkilo who received Good Dissertation Award with his dissertation entitled “The Role of Audit Committees among Publicly Listed Companies in Thailand: Cases of Audit Committee Oversight of Enterprise Risk Management” supervised by Professor Dr.Waymond Rodgers from the National Research Council of Thailand in Thailand Inventor’s Day 2018.

      Moreover, this dissertation has been selected to present in many international academic conferences including the 2014 British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Conference in the United Kingdom, the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom and the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association in the United States of America.

      Dr. Dej-anan Bungkilo earned a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Hull and he is currently a lecturer at the Accounting programme in the School of Management at MFU.

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