Learning Thai Culture through Songkran Festival 2018

      On 20 April 2018, the Postgraduate Studies Office held a Songkran Festival 2018 activity for international graduate students to provide an opportunity to submerge themselves into Thai culture complying with the university’s policy to preserve and carry forward Thai culture.

      In this activity, international graduate students learned and gained deeper understanding about traditional culture and customs in Songkran festival. To celebrate Songkran festival, throwing of water is very well-known for tourists, however, there are another traditional activities that Thai people normally do during this festival including Thai folk dance, pouring water on Buddha images and Dam Hua (pouring water onto elderly family members to show respect and gratefulness).

      Furthermore, students learned how to do Thai dessert Khao Tom Mat (steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves with ripe banana and black beans fillings) and participated in Dam Hua activity which they could pour water onto hands of lecturers from the School of Information Technology and received blessing on occasion of Thai Traditional New Year. 

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