A Visit from Queen’s University, Canada: Strengthening Academic Collaboration

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     On 10 March 2023, Mae Fah Luang University's executives led by Asst. Prof. Dr.Tawatchai Apidechkul, Dean of the School of Health Science and Asst. Prof. Dr.Panate Manomaivibool, Assistant to the President warmly welcomed the delegates from Queen’s University including Dr. Sandra M. den Otter, Vice-Provost for International and Professor, Department of History; and Dr.Zhiyao Zhang, Director of Queen’s Asia Liaison Office at Vanchai Sirichana (AD1) building, Mae Fah Luang University.

     As the two universities had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for research collaboration during 2018 – 2021, the objective of this visit was to discuss continued collaboration between Mae Fah Luang University and Queen’s University. The future collaboration will focus on health sciences and other potential areas such as integrative medicine, medicinal product, cosmetic science and SDGs. After the meeting, Dr. Sandra M. den Otter also gave a special talk on SDGs to students of the School of Social Innovation.

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