Understanding Brexit and its Implications

      On 24 April 2018, the British Embassy in Bangkok and Mae Fah Luang University held a special lecture on “Understanding Brexit and its Implications” presented by Political Counsellor from the British Embassy in Bangkok, Mr. Simon Jeffrey Lever.

      This event was held to establish better understanding of Brexit, its implications and impacts for the United Kingdom and international relations among MFU students, staff and lecturers.  Furthermore, the lecture was held as a part of the Economy day, special activity of Management Fiesta for MFU 20th Anniversary.

      In a lecture, Mr. Lever explained that in 2016, a majority of the British people voted to leave the European Union and it is scheduled to depart on 29 March 2019. Additionally, he suggested that three main reasons for Brexit supporters were money, laws, and border immigration issues. After the referendum, the negotiations about future relations between the UK and the EU in terms of trade and security have been held and Mr. Lever added that two big challenges for UK at this moment are leaving the customs union and Northern Ireland border issues.

      The future direction of the UK is depended on the customs union issue and the negotiation with the EU. Mr. Lever also stated that the UK will look more to the rest of the world and there will be a massive change in the international relations.

      Altogether, all participants gained the deeper information and insights into Brexit, current situations and international relations of the United Kingdom after the referendum. Moreover, the lecture received massive attention as shown by many participants and their interesting questions on various issues including the impacts of Brexit on global economics, Thailand; the future relationship of security between the UK and the EU; youth engagement in the UK and partnership with Thailand. 

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