Management Fiesta for MFU 20th Anniversary

      The School of Management held a special event “Management Fiesta for MFU 20th Anniversary” during 23-28 April 2018 for every programme of the School of Management including Business Administration, Tourism, Economics, Hospitality Industry management and Aviation Business Management to showcase their outstanding performances, potential and creativity.

      There was a series of interesting activities including open house, academic contest, exhibition and workshop for example Tour Talks on Creative tourism entrepreneurs, Exhibition of Tribes ETC (Experience Tea Coffee), Econ Project: Exhibition Presentation, BA workshop on International Packaging Design, Personal Finance Workshop, Financial Application Workshop, Personality Development for Aviation Professionals Workshop, Aviation Workshop, Academic contest on Logistic Game, MFU Smart Young Entrepreneur “International Packaging Design”, Biz contest, MFU Junior Iron Chef and much more.

      The highlight of this special event was MA Fiesta Fun Fair which included food stalls from many famous shops, games, raffle, vendors, an open-air cinema and musical performances from MFU band, Singha youth band, as well as mini concert from Season Five band.

      Altogether, the achievements and skills showcased throughout the event indicated that Management students have capability to manage, analyse and put knowledge into practice with wisdom, creativity and skills for success in their study and future careers.

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