Mae Fah Luang University and Taylor's University Hold the Postgrad Symposium 2023

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On 22 June 2023, Mae Fah Luang University led by the School of Science, Microbial Products and Innovation Research Group and Coffee Quality Research Group in collaboration with the School of Biosciences and Centre for Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology, Taylor’s University, Malaysia organised the Postgrad Symposium 2023 on “Exploring the Frontiers of Biosciences, Chemistry and Medicine: Advancements and Challenges” at Phu-Rahong Room, M-Square building, Mae Fah Luang University

This symposium provided a great opportunity for students and researchers of Mae Fah Laung University and Taylor’s University to exchange and share their knowledge and research results. It also facilitated an establishment of research network between two universities.

Moreover, on 23 June 2023, MFU’s Coffee Quality Research Group and Microbial Products and Innovation Research Group held the workshop on brewing coffee using AeroPress; and espresso extraction and the coffee fermentation using microbial fermentation for a delegation of Taylor’s University. In addition, a delegation of Taylor’s University visited laboratories of the Scientific and Technological Instruments Center and the Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center.

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