MFU International Summer Programme 2018 (Thai Language and Culture)

The purpose of this three-week programme is to provide an excellent opportunity for international students to learn Thai language including the Thai alphabets, sounds, Thai numbers as well as how to communicate with short conversations and questions. Additionally, students can obtain hands-on experience while explore cultural aspects of the Thailand including values, traditions, art and lifestyles through various Thai cultural workshop and study trips in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces, Thailand.

Programme Contents:

(1) Thai Language and Culture for Beginner Level (36 hrs.) by MFU lecturers, School of Liberal Arts

  • Special Lecture: Thai Culture
  • Introduction and Greetings
  • Basic Knowledge of Thai Language and Being polite in Thailand
  • Consonants, Vowels and Tones
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Syntactical Questions and Answers
  • Family
  • Days of the Week and Months of the Year
  • Time and Weather
  • Places, Directions and Transportation
  • Sickness and Health
  • Restaurants and Shopping

(2) Thai Culture and Traditions Workshops

  • Thai Food Cooking
  • Thai Traditional Dances
  • Thai Traditional Games
  • Thai Handicraft (Paper Cutting – Lanna Style)
  • Fruit/Soap Carving
  • Thai Dessert Class

(3) Study Trips

Experiencing Thai culture through local cultural attractions in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces.

  • Chiang Rai City Tour
  • Chiang Mai Study Trip


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