Excellent Performances in the 7th Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2018

      Mae Fah Luang would like to congratulate students from the Hospitality Industry Management programme in the School of Management at MFU who seized awards in the international chef competition “the 7th Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge 2018.”

      The 7th Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge was held in association with the THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2018, ASEAN’s largest food exhibition, which was organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, together with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse at the Impact Exhibition Center in Bangkok from 29 May - 2 June 2017. This year, competition brought together more than 1,000 talented chefs of all levels from 11 countries across Asia.

      This global competition enabled MFU students to show off their culinary skills and expertise since the entries will be judged on a points-based system. That is, all of the process including the preparation of ingredients, professionalism in the kitchen, artistic arrangement of the dish, and the actual taste of the food were evaluated. Moreover, the contestants had to demonstrate their culinary skills within a specified period of time as well.

       The achievement of the Hospitality Industry Management students in an international arena shows the MFU’s full effort to enhance students’ culinary skills and broaden their experience in order to prepare students to be professionals in the food and beverage service industry in Thailand, Asia and the world.  

Three silver medals with certificates were conferred to the following students:

- Mackerel Culinary Challenge (individual) category by Miss Prapassorn Tiewboot

- Classic Thai category (individual) by Miss Supasiri Nomraksaksri

- Massaman category (individual) by Miss Supasiri Nomraksaksri

Three bronze medals with certificates were conferred to the following students:

- Duo cheeses or real California milk and cheeses category (team) by Miss Supasiri Nomraksaksri and Miss Patinya Pawongjitr

- Chicken and pork category (individual) by Miss Patinya Pawongjitr

 Diplomas with certificates were were conferred to the following students:

- Lamp category (individual) by Miss Prapassorn Tiewboot, Mr. Phakphum Wirawanitchakun and Miss Patinya Pawongjitr

- Classic Thai category (individual) by Mr. Phakphum Wirawanitchakun

- Duo Cheese or Real California Milk and Cheese category (team) by Miss Prapassorn Tiewboot and Mr. Phakphum Wirawanitchakun

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