The 7th Sino Show: A Chinese Musical about Empress Wu Zetian

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     On 10 November 2023, the School of Sinology in collaboration with the Sinology Student Union organised the 7th Sino Show: A Chinese Musical about Empress Wu Zetian at C4 Auditorium. The University Council members, MFU executives, staff members, lecturers, students and guests of honour from various organisations in Chinag Rai attended this event.

     The Sino Show aimed at bringing together students from four programmes of the School of Sinology including Business Chinese, Chinese Language and Culture, Chinese Studies and Teaching Chinese Language to apply knowledge and skills to design and create their own musical play. Students involved in each step of the production, from the Chinese script writing, costumes, musical directing and finally the stage performance. All cultural performances, such as traditional Chinese dance, martial arts as well as lion and dragon dances, were well-designed to promote Chinese culture and strengthen the long-standing Chinese-Thai relations. The preparation of this musical has helped students not only improve their Chinese skills but also develop the 21st century skills in accordance with the university’s strategy on preparing students to become quality global citizens.

     In the opening ceremony, there were an opening remark given by Asst. Prof. Dr.Matchima Naradisorn, President of Mae Fah Luang University; followed by a welcoming address by Dr.Teeraparp Predeepoch, Dean of the School of Sinology.  

     Asst. Prof. Dr.Matchima Naradisorn expressed her appreciation to lecturers and students of the School of Sinology for organizing this event which indicated that Mae Fah Luang University has not only promoted in-class learning but also encouraged students to apply several skills to arrange activities outside classrooms. Both in-class and out-of-class experiences will benefit students’ studies and future career.

     Moroever, Dr.Teeraparp Predeepoch, Dean of the School of Sinology stated that the 7th Sino Show was one of the School’s activities which provided opportunity for students to showcase their language competence and knowledge and understanding of China. He added that students worked hard and put their efforts into preparation and rehearsal process for several months like an old Chinese saying “Ten minute's performance on the stage means ten years' practice off the stage”. 

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