Cultural Exchange Activities between MFU and MRA Foundation (Japan) under the CocoWA Project

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     On 31 December 2023 – 4 January 2024, Mae Fah Luang University students and staff members of the Global Relations Division joined the CocoWA Project together with participants from Japan at Mae Kok Foundation and other places in Chiang Rai province. 

     The CocoWA Project, held by MRA Foundation Off Campus International Exchange (OCA), Japan, brought together 22 Japanese participants from various groups covering students, employees and families who were interested in Thai culture to explore Thailand and exchange culture with MFU students and local people in Chiang Rai. This project was one of the cultural activities under the collaboration between Mae Fah Luang University and MRA Foundation. 

    During the project, all participants visited tourist attractions in Chiang Rai province to learn more about culture and way of life of people in Northern Thailand. Furthermore, participants had a chance to engage in games and cultural activities such as Japanese food cooking and natural dyeing workshops with children at Mae Kok Foundation. In addition, they visited Ban Ruammit School to interact with local students. 

     Altogether, this CocoWA Project has not only provided a great opportunity for MFU students to exchange perspectives and cultures with friends from Japan but also deepened the partnership between Mae Fah Luang University and MRA Foundation.

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