MFU Coffee Fest 2024

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On 15 March 2024, Mae Fah Luang University organised “MFU Coffee Fest 2024” at the General Sampao Choosri (E4) Building. There were distinguished guests attending the opening ceremony including Mrs. Supaporn Chokchaloemwong, Director of Division of Research and Innovation Funding Management 1, the National Research Council of Thailand; Mrs. Ubonrat Puangpinyo, Vice Governor of Chiang Rai Province; Prof. Dr.Sujitra Wongkasemjit, Vice President of Mae Fah Luang University; and Dr.Amorn Owatworakit, Head of Hub of Knowledge in Thailand’s Coffee Technology and Value Chain Management. This event attracted more than 300 participants from various groups such as farmers, entrepreneurs, academics, and private sector. 

The main objectives of "MFU Coffee Fest 2024: Coffee Path, Happy Path" were to establish collaborative links between experts, coffee farmers, government and private sector organisations and to show a project result to coffee entrepreneurs and people who are interested in coffee business through the farmers’ coffee bean presentation. The event also served as a platform for business matching between farmers, entrepreneurs and people who are interested in coffee business to connect domestic and foreign markets.

In addition, there was a wide range of interesting activities: MFU Best Coffee Farmer award presentation, seminars, competitions, exhibition, workshops, business matching, and zone for crafted products, food and beverage. Furthermore, the event featured a conference on the Sustainable Development for Thailand’s Coffee Industry under the Hub of Knowledge in Thailand’s Coffee Technology and Value Chain Management at Mae Fah Luang University which is funded by the National Research Council of Thailand. The Hub of Knowledge aims to generate and collect knowledge of coffee processing, connect coffee processing specialists, establish a network group, and provide one-stop supporting services for coffee processing.

In Thailand, around 11,169 tons of Arabica coffee are produced in a year. Arabica coffee is mainly planted in northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Rai province. While about 22,505 tons of Robusta is mainly produced in the South, especially in Chumphon province. Coffee becomes one of Thailand’s key economic crops with the high export volume. Nowadays, a demand for coffee beans in the country is rising due to the growing domestic consumer market (roasted coffee and instant coffee markets) as well as the increasing export volume of instant coffee.

Additionally, farmers and entrepreneurs have started to apply scientific knowledge and technologies to improve farming practices and processing methods to create high-quality coffee with unique flavors and aromas such as ‘Specialty Coffee’ and ‘Fine Robusta’. Therefore, the high-quality coffee processing requires relevant skills and industry-specific knowledge in order to conform to international standards accepted by international associations.

Mae Fah Luang University led by the Tea and Coffee Institute and Mae Fah Luang Intellectual Property Management and Innovation Division has continuously expanded knowledge and skills in coffee processing to meet the quality standards of coffee processing. Under the support from Chiang Rai province, the university has organised various projects and activities to help local entrepreneurs, farmers, and communities enhance their knowledge and skills to increase the quality of coffee processing and develop product management practices. Those projects highlight the process of developing Chiang Rai’s unique products, then expanding implementations to the Northern Thailand, then connecting products to Thailand’ coffee industry, and building global collaborative networks. 


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