Announcement of the 5th-Round Undergraduate Applicants Who Are Accepted to Study at MFU (1-2024)

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Mae Fah Luang University would like to announce the 5th-round undergraduate applicants who are accepted to study at MFU in the first semester, academic year 2024.

Please see the full list here

New students can record the personal information into the system and pay tuition fee during 1 - 3 July 2024 at https://applicantinfo.mfu.ac.th/register/loginen 

See other necessary information at link

**Applicants who are accepted with condition are required to take the online MFU Placement Test on 2 July 2024.**

Notes for MFU Placement Test:
1.    The applicants are required to pay 500 baht of the MFU English Placement Test fee during 21 - 25 June 2024.    
2.    Once the payment was done, no refund will be given in any cases.
3.    The applicants must attend the online exam system testing on 1 July 2024. In case that the applicants missed the exam system testing, applicants are required to take full responsibility for any problems with the system on the exam date (2 July 2024).
4.    Applicants can check the username & password of the test on the online application system applicant.mfu.ac.th/registeren/login on 28 June 2024. 
5.    Aplicants can check the result of the MFU Placement Test at global.mfu.ac.th/global-home.html ;

Methods of payment for MFU Placement Test (The payment system will be available on 21 - 25 June 2024)

Step 1 : Applicants access the online application link applicant.mfu.ac.th/registeren/login

Login to verify identity:

Username = Passport number or applicant’s account
Password = applicant’s date of birth (E.g.  If date of birth of the applicant is 7 October 2003, password is 07102003)

Step 2: Choose menu "Placement test fee payment" 

Step 3: Applicants choose the options of payment

(There are 2 options for the applicants to select)

- Option 1: Credit card

- Option 2: Union pay

* Applicant must absorb 2.5% of service charge & vat.

* In case that applicants do not have credit card or union pay, applicants are able to transfer the fee to MFU account according to the information as follows:

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
Bank Name: Mae Fah Luang University
Branch: Mae Fah Luang University
Type of bank: Saving 
Swift Code: BKKBTHBK
Account Number: 672-0-10817-1

* In this case, applicants must absorb the service charge twice and must send the approval of payment for the officer's reference to e-mail: interadmission@mfu.ac.th within 16.00 hrs. (Thailand time zone UTC/GMT+7).

For more information, please send E-mail to yaowapa.pho@mfu.ac.th /sriprai.pun@mfu.ac.th

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