A World of Flavor: Tea and Coffee International Symposium 2024 Offers Immersive Experience

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On 3 – 5 July 2024, Mae Fah Luang University led by the Tea and Coffee Institute, in collaboration with the State Key laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization at Anhui Agricultural University of China, co-organised the Tea and Coffee International Symposium 2024 and the 3rd International Congress on Cocoa Coffee and Tea Asia at Mae Fah Luang University. 

Held under the theme of “Sustainability and Well-being” as part of the celebrations of Mae Fah Luang University’s 25th anniversary and celebrations of Tea Institute’s 20th anniversary, this symposium brought together over 300 producers, exporters, importers, processors, researchers, students and entrepreneurs from national and international institutions. Participants exchanged and gained the latest information on tea, coffee and cocoa regarding global trends, processing innovations, climate change and sustainability, as well as market and tourism development through a series of presentations from global experts. The symposium also served as a platform for business matching and building valuable connections within the industry.

Additionally, there were exciting workshops which offered hands-on experience and deeper dives into the world of tea, coffee, and cocoa. For example, Prof. Dr. Hartwig Bohne, Professor of International Hotel Management and Head of Hospitality Studies, President of the European Tea Culture Institute, Germany, led the Tea Experience Workshop on “Exploring the UNESCO Awarded East Frisian Tea Culture.” This workshop provided insights into the history and practices of East Frisian Tea Culture whiles stimulating participants’ senses with the aroma of traditional East Frisian tea. 

Participants also enjoyed exploring tea, coffee, and cocoa products and innovations presented by companies and shops from Thailand, China and Japan. Altogether, the Tea and Coffee International Symposium 2024 transcended a mere knowledge exchange platform. It served as a catalyst for building valuable business networks and strengthening relationships within the tea and coffee community, contributing to future collaborations and significant advancements in the industry.

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