MFU Young Ambassadors

      From 21 to 24 May 2018, the International Affairs Division held a special training programme “MFU Young Ambassadors 2018.” The purpose of this programme was to provide an exceptional opportunity for Thai and international students and staff to develop their skills and competence in international diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and etiquette as well as increase their cross-cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills.

      In addition, this workshop prepared students and staff to represent MFU and welcome international guests on the special occasion of “The 20th Anniversary of Mae Fah Luang University” and on other occasions. Twenty eight participants including students, lecturers and supporting staff were selected to attend the four-day intensive training programme.

      The programme was divided into three parts including lectures, workshops and practical scenarios. The programme offered useful information about MFU, the interesting places on the campus, presented international home stay activities. Participants also gained more information about the history and tourist attractions of Chiang Rai Province, so they could arrange informative and entertraining trips for their future guests. Sessions of English for diplomacy and international communication as well as cross-cultural awareness were arranged for participants to increase their understanding of cultural differences.

      The participants also learned how to communicate with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and nationalities in order to avoid some misunderstandings and maximise the positive outcomes of intercultural interactions. By using real situations and experience as case studies, the course offered insights and practical knowledge on diplomatic protocol, etiquette and table manners. Moreover, the participants visited the Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport to observe how to receive and see off the guests. This course was to ensure that diplomats, officers and honourable guests of each country will be honoured and properly treated while they are visiting the university. These practical activities helped the participants develop their confidence, communication, teamwork, time management and problem solving skills.

      On the whole, The participants said that the workshop served as a tremendous resource for them to broaden their knowledge and acquire skills in diplomacy, protocol, etiquette and communication all of which they can apply to their studies in Hospitality Industry Management and International Development. This workshop also prepared them to receive honourable guests on all occasions, as effective and impressive MFU ambassadors.

| writer Piraya Buddhasri |