MFU Holds Chinese Spring Festival Drawing Supporting Chinese Language and Culture

The Sirindthorn Chinese Language and Culture Centre, the School of Sinology and the Confucius Institute at MFU held “the Chinese Spring Festival Drawing” exhibiting 100 Chinese drawings supported by the China Archives of Publications during 6-8 February 2017. The exhibition of Chinese drawings was aimed to create a better understanding of the Chinese language for the general public and those who are studying the Chinese language.

Mae Fah Luang University has a variety of Chinese programmes such as Chinese studies, Business Chinese and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore, the understanding of Chinese language and culture is very important for MFU students. All 100 Chinese drawings were exhibited with their descriptions which encouraged people to deeply understand Chinese culture reflected through a traditional drawing style. Certainly, learning only the characters or alphabet is not enough for the effective learning of a foreign language, so these drawings helped students, gain deep insights about effective communication in Chinese by showing Chinese culture, beliefs, history and people’s way of life.

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