The 19th Thai Medical Education Conference

      On 19-21 December 2018, the 19th Thai Medical Education Conference was held, as a part of MFU’s 20th year anniversary celebration, under the theme of “Leadership towards Medical Education Excellence” at E4 Building, Mae Fah Luang University.

      In response to the American Medical Association (AMA)’s 3 pillars of medical education, the event was aimed at offering a stage for the medical experts and profession to exchange ideas, share their knowledge, present latest research and discuss curriculum development for medical education.

      In the conference, there was a series of lectures from keynote speakers. Also, there were workshops, symposia, and paper presentations on community engaged education, inter-professional education and medical curriculum serving future national healthcare for participants to explore new initiatives related to their interests. Additionally, Professor Jarus Suvanwela, M.D. received an award from the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools to mark his contribution in Thai medical education.

      Altogether, the conference successfully served as a bridge connecting medical schools to share and develop curricula to ensure that medical students acquire not only basic and clinical scientific knowledge but also an understanding of health systems science (HSS). Moreover, the network of medical institutions and medical research presented in the conference will contribute to the improvement of medical education and health care system in the future.

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