Pre-Internship 2019 for International Students

    On 10 March 2019, the Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education at MFU held the Pre-Internship 2019 for over 140 international students. The pre-internship was held for preparing international students for their internship courses (cooperative education course and professional experience course).

     International students were provided information on internship’s rules and regulations, how to use the MFU Pre-Internship Online system, how to fill an internship application form via MFU Internship Information System (MIIS) and how to contact the Division of Placement and Co-Operative Education.

     Additionally, there was a special sharing session on work experience and recruitment process by Human Resources Director at Minor Food, Sizzler Thailand, Mr. Manit Pimparien.

    Mr. Manit suggested that the most important thing for students is they must know who they are, then set goals and make plans to achieve those goals. For example, they can start from asking themselves on why they choose to study at MFU and what they want to do after graduation. Students also need to put their efforts to their plans and learn from their mistakes. He added that students’ abilities and whether or not they can achieve the goals they set are more significant than where they come from.

     Altogether, Mae Fah Luang University has encouraged all students to participate in the internship courses in order to enhance student’s knowledge and work experience by applying classroom knowledge with industrial practice skills and on-site work-based learning. Through internship courses, students will be equipped with both theoretical and practical skills required to meet the demands of the industry and to pursue their individual careers. 

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