Signing of the Agreement for Comprehensive Exchange between Mae Fah Luang University and Tamana Central Hospital

   On 21 March 2019,the Dean of the School of Medicine at Mae Fah Luang University, Lt. Gen Emeritus Prof. Nopadol Wora-Urai, M.D. and the Director of Tamana Central Hospital, Kumamoto, Japan, Dr. Masato Ushijima, M.D. signed an agreement for comprehensive exchange between two institutions.        

   The agreement was aimed at promoting education, collaboration, friendship and greater academic exchange in various areas including students, residents, administrative and professional personnel between Mae Fah Luang University and Tamada Central Hospital. To expand their horizons while adding value to the Medical programme, both institutions agreed on starting with the exchange of students and/ or residents.  

  All in all, this agreement shows a full and active effort by both MFU and Tamana Central University in working closely towards the advancement of health-care professionals and the quality of health care system for people in the region and beyond.

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