Visit by the 12th Lanchang-Mekong Youth Friendship Programme

The delegates of the 12th Lanchang-Mekong Youth Friendship Programme visited Mae Fah Luang University and participated in the special activities with MFU’s staff members and students on 13 March 2017. All participants joined the activities that provided knowledge and shared experiences about Thai culture through the various art workshops including Thai performing arts, marble flicking, banana leaf folding and paper cutting handicrafts in Lanna style.

The Lanchang-Mekong Youth Friendship programme was organized by the Department of Children and Youth (DCY) of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand and the China Youth Federation to promote a cooperation network and good relations between young people who are interested in social and economic issues, especially sufficiency economy, in the GMS countries including Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the reflection session, a representative from Cambodia expressed that after participating all of the activities provided, she learned that the countries in GMS area have similar culture and traditions. Overall, youth from different countries have a stage to share and learn each other’s culture as well as perspectives that enabled them to develop their multicultural skills and global competency.

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