Ethics Camp for Medical Students: People Are Worthy of 'Respect and Dignity'

     To cultivate the idea of treating all persons with respect and regard for their worth and dignity, the School of Medicine hosted the 18th Ethics camp under the theme of “Respect and Dignity: respect for others and have faith in community” for over 200 medical students from 23 institutes nationwide from 19 to 21 July 2019.

    In this camp, all medical students had a chance to spend their time with the local people in three communities in Chiang Rai province: Rong Lot, Pang Kha and Chiang Khian. During the community visit, they learned the way of life, uniqueness and collaboration for sustainable development of each community. Moreover, the process of talking, exchanging ideas and working together in the community helped them understood and recognised individuals’ potential. It also helped them viewed all people including patients and their families, other physicians, and professional colleagues as worthy of dignity and respect.  

    With experience and positive attitudes towards the medical profession and community learned from the camp, all students will dedicate themselves to promoting health and contribute to the community in the future.

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