Student’s Breast Milk Gloves Seizes the 3rd Place in Startup Thailand 2019

      Mae Fah Luang University’s BMG team showed the creative innovation and smashed their way to the third prize with the special award of 20,000 baht in the final round of Startup Thailand League 2019 at True Digital Park on 25-27 July 2019.

     Breast Milk Gloves (BMG) are gloves that use heat to stimulate a circulation of breast milk and relieve a blocked milk duct, common and painful problem during breastfeeding.

     It was developed by BMG team, consisting of Mr. Siraphop Phamung, Mr. Nawin Deangnul, Ms. Athitaya Kesornkaew, Ms.Pansira Kuapanich from the School of Information Technology and Ms. Phawanrat Iawhasuafrom the School of Management.

     Moreover, there was another team from MFU participating in this competition which is Prof.Gems team. This team members includes Ms. Sutussa Sanon, Mr. Thanapat Sanongyat, Ms.Katechanok Wisawanawin from the School of Information Technology, Ms. Suttinee Pechsatian from the School of Law and Ms. Jenjinta Pujinda from the School of Management.

    Altogether, MFU students has showcased their creativity and ability in converting ideas into business model and innovation that can generate profits as well as bring about changes in society. 

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